Impact is central to the mission of the University of Cambridge. Our world-leading research underpins a huge range of innovations which create prosperity, improve quality of life, protect the environment and enrich our culture. For over 800 years, we have contributed to society through education, learning and research at the highest levels of international excellence. 

Here we present a selection of case studies that show how Cambridge research has changed the world.

Chasing the cuckoo

The UK’s cuckoo population has fallen by 70% over the last 25 years. Birds migrate to western Africa for the winter, where they inhabit landscapes that are undergoing rapid economic and environmental transition.

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Racing the wild

Computer games played for fun seem poles apart from the serious business of social science research. Now, geographers at Cambridge are exploring the role of gaming in biodiversity conservation.

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Groupwork adds up to better maths teaching

Through innovative ‘micro-secondments’, education researchers at Cambridge have developed a new way of translating their findings on the benefits of groupwork to help primary school teachers improve the way they teach mathematics.

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From Tudor history to world development

With interdisciplinarity increasingly encouraged, sometimes simply addressing academics beyond the confines of one’s own discipline can create significant impact, as Cambridge historian Professor Simon Szreter found when he decided to publish a paper

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Taking the Long View

By bringing together leading experts in law and energy policy in an innovative workshop at Cambridge, Simon Deakin and David Howarth have generated new insight and stimulated debate on one of the most significant PFI‐style deals in UK history.

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