Keep on trucking

15 Feb 2013

Whether it’s a bag of oranges or a tank full of petrol, the commodities we rely on will have come down the motorway in a fleet of lorries crisscrossing the country to keep supermarket shelves full and fuel reservoirs topped up. Now a new Centre will look at how road freight can be made more sustainable.

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March of the superbugs

13 Feb 2013

Scientists who recently discovered a new strain of superbug have now tracked its transmission between animals and humans.

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Out of the ashes of Empire

12 Feb 2013

The new identities and ideologies that emerged in East Asia after the fall of Japan’s Empire have rarely been studied. Now, as the region again becomes a major theatre in world politics, a new project aims to tell that history from the inside.

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Finding malaria's weak spot

06 Feb 2013

A ground-breaking imaging system to track malarial infection of blood cells in real time has been created by a collaboration catalysed by the University’s Physics of Medicine Initiative.

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Sleeping sickness by stealth

04 Feb 2013

New research is helping to unveil how the parasite that causes sleeping sickness uses stealth tactics to escape detection by the human immune system.

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A new chapter opens in the study of the Assyrian empire

30 Jan 2013

The first ever conference to focus on the provincial archaeology of the Assyrian empire took place at Cambridge University last month. A key theme was the recent opening up of the Kurdish Autonomous Region – once at the hub of the empire – to archaeological enquiry.

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CASTEP achieves $30 million in sales

24 Jan 2013

A software tool which uses quantum mechanics to allow designers to predict the properties of materials has reached the commercial milestone of $30 million in sales.

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Potted histories

23 Jan 2013

Artist and writer Edmund de Waal – known for his work in porcelain as well as his best-selling memoir 'The Hare with the Amber Eyes' - will be giving a public lecture at Cambridge University on Friday 8 February. The event is fully booked but a waiting list is in operation.

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