Climate change: can nature help us?

08 May 2013

Hard-engineered sea walls have a limited life span. Could saltmarshes and mangroves offer a different approach to buffering against storm surges and coastal erosion?

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The first book of fashion

01 May 2013

Fashion conveys complex messages. The recreation of an outfit taken from one of an extraordinary series of Renaissance portraits reveals how one man made his mark on society. 

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Black, white and red all over

29 Apr 2013

The latest research into the emergence of printmaking technology in early modern Europe is challenging accepted thinking about the development of colour printing. A seminar at CRASSH will reappraise these assumptions in the light of new archival evidence.

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Down but not out

26 Apr 2013

Most business start-ups fail. But countless failed entrepreneurs go on to establish further enterprises. In his PhD research, Dr Keith Cotterill, a businessman with more than 25 years of experience, examined attitudes to failure in Cambridge, Munich and Silicon Valley.

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From EDSAC to Raspberry Pi: 75 years of “computers that work”

24 Apr 2013

Cambridge’s Computer Lab marks its 75th anniversary this month, celebrating a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that has taken it from the age of vast mainframes to its modern day place at the heart of silicon fen. “Cambridge Computing: The first 75 years”, published to coincide with the anniversary, tells the story of this remarkable institution.

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A museum for the future

05 Apr 2013

The University Museum of Zoology contains far more than a record of the past. Ambitious redevelopment plans will enable enhanced use of its unique collections for research into global issues from climate change to conservation.

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Nurturing science’s next generation

20 Mar 2013

Twelve years after his death, the legacy of distinguished organic chemist Dr Herchel Smith is enabling a new generation of bright young researchers to pursue their scientific ambitions.

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