Casey Brienza

Men of wonder: gender and American superhero comics

01 Nov 2011

Boys and action comics go together like Batman and Robin – but how are girls represented in comics? Sociologist, Casey Brienza, investigates the male world of the action comic and looks at the depictions of female characters.

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The ethics of smart drugs

31 Oct 2011

Professor Barbara Sahakian, Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Cambridge, has been researching cognitive enhancers for over a decade. Here she discusses the emergence of ‘smart drugs’ and the ethical and practical issues they raise.

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Katy Barrett

Things are getting complicated

24 Oct 2011

In the recent riots looters made off with some of the items that have come to symbolise our materialistic society - trainers, track suits and flat screen televisions. Katy Barrett, who is doing a PhD in the Department of the History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge and the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, is co-convening a series of seminars which will look at the powerful role that possessions play in society, past and present.

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Verdun Memorial.

Do Memorials Matter?

21 Oct 2011

For the Festival of Ideas, Dr Dacia Viejo-Rose, a researcher on the CRIC research project, will discuss the unexpected impact and diverse use of memorials in societies recovering from war. Directed from the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, the CRIC project is investigating the reconstruction of cultural heritage after conflict in different areas of Europe.

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David Ford

Literature and Religion in Cheltenham

12 Oct 2011

Professor David Ford, Regius Professor of Divinity and Director of the Cambridge Inter-faith Programme, reflects on the first project in an exciting new venture, the Cambridge Coexist Programme.

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Morag Styles.

The Case for Children’s Poetry

11 Oct 2011

Morag Styles may be the only Professor of Children’s Poetry out there. Having recently taken up her new role, here she explains why poetry for the young matters – and why it is time to stop treating it as the poor relation of the adult form.

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Adrian Leonard at Lloyd's

Navigating the choppy waters of risk

06 Oct 2011

Whether or not the planned intervention in the organisation of international banking sector succeeds, it will certainly impact on the City of London. Adrian Leonard, an Affiliate Researcher at the Centre for Financial History at Newnham College and the Centre for Risk Studies at Judge Business School, thinks his research into the history of the London insurance market offers hints for today’s policymakers.

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Kevin Dutton

I’d love to smash the Ritz…

29 Sep 2011

Social psychologist and best-selling author Dr Kevin Dutton, Research Fellow at the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, puts the recent riots under the microscope and looks at the way in which low self-esteem, a sense of isolation and an absence of positive role models lead to a volatile cocktail of emotions in young people.

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Antarctic Ozone Hole

Whither the ozone hole?

16 Sep 2011

To mark the annual International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer (Ozone Day), Dr Neil Harris, an expert on the atmospheric composition from the University’s Department of Chemistry, discusses why research into this issue is as important as ever.

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Dr Lucy Delap

Downton Abbey: a national love affair?

15 Sep 2011

As the much-lauded Downton Abbey returns to our screens this Sunday, social historian Dr Lucy Delap sets the gripping fictional drama of the English country house within the context of a much more gritty and complex reality of domestic service in the 20th century.

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