An instrumental collection

Hundreds of scientific treasures are going on display as the Whipple Museum marks the 75th anniversary of a remarkable donation to the University of Cambridge.

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Living with snow leopards

Local people in the Nepal Himalayas value snow leopards as much for the potential personal benefits they gain from the animals’ conservation as they do for the intrinsic value of this charismatic species, according to a study published in the journal PLOS ONE.

The team of researchers led by the University of Cambridge found that local attitudes towards the snow leopard were strongly linked to local views on the conservation methods used to protect them.

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GP clinics could help bridge mental health treatment gap, study finds

Patients experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues could be managed effectively by GP practices, suggests new research from the University of Cambridge. This could also help reduce the stigma faced by these individuals. However, specialist treatment may still prove more cost-effective in the long term, say the researchers.

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