My project

Have I completed my initial induction, within my department? (An induction checklist for all staff groups is available online, for reference.)

New members of research staff should receive certain information as part of their induction (listed below). Have I received this?

Your contract pack should contain the following:

  • web address for the Employment and Career Management Scheme for Researchers;
  • web address for the Staff Guide for Academic, Academic-related and Research Staff (this includes a link to the University's Intellectual Property Rights Policy, guidelines on good research practice and ethics in research );
  • an information sheet on the USS pension scheme;
  • web addresses for the University's online modules for induction (all staff), equality and diversity and health and safety;
  • information about the Careers Service, including the Careers Advisers for Research Staff, the Research Staff Development Programme, and training and facilities provided by the Computing Service, and PdOC Society.

Your Department may also provide information, for example:

  • any information about research and publication protocols and codes of practice in my group and department;
  • information about resources such as libraries, technical assistance, lab facilities and materials
  • information about departmental/School training and development provision for researchers.

My career

Have I thought about what I want to get out of this experience as a researcher at Cambridge?

Have I sought out information about the range of support and career development opportunities for research staff? (The University Skills Portal provides a gateway to training and development for research staff, including CPPD's opportunities designed specifically for research staff.)

Have I made a personal development plan (PDP)?

Am I taking active responsibility for my career planning? (The Careers Service offers a specialised advisory service for research staff in all subject areas and offers various tools to explore and plan your career.)

Have I considered where I want to be in five years' time?

The title of this document is: Information for Research Staff: Career management for researchers

Last updated: 24 March 2011