Reactions to Time

17 Mar 2004

Our perceptions of time affect our lives from the moment of birth. How do these perceptions influence our understanding of our world and of our place in the universe? This question will be the highlight of the second ‘Spotlight on Science’ discussion at the Cambridge Science Festival, held on Wednesday, March 17 at the University of Cambridge. This will provide an opportunity for the audience to ask their own questions about time and how it effects our lives.

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React at the Cambridge Science Festival

10 Mar 2004

The Cambridge Science Festival is back and better than ever, with over 100 events from March 12-20 2004. The Grand Opening of the Cambridge Science Festival kicks off tomorrow (Saturday 13 March), hosted by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Alison Richard and Nick Baker, BBC Presenter for 'The Really Wild Show'.

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Taking Science on the Road

05 Mar 2004

Top academics from the University of Cambridge will be visiting schools throughout Cambridgeshire this week (Monday, March 8 until Friday, March 12) to teach children the fun of science through interactive lectures on meteorites, volcanoes, plants and submarines.

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Review of the year

23 Dec 2003

2003 has been a busy year. We have said goodbye to Professor Sir Alec Broers and welcomed our new Vice-Chancellor, Professor Alison Richard. Anniversary celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the structure of DNA and the 100th anniversary of economics at Cambridge.

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Fritillary in focus

28 Mar 2003

One of Britain's best-loved wildflowers, the Snakeshead Fritillary (Fritillaria meleagris) is the subject of Bringing into focus, a stunning new art exhibition at the University's Botanic Garden.

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Black holes and green futures

21 Mar 2003

As the Cambridge Science Festival enters its final two days people will have an opportunity to consider the history of the universe and the future of the planet in public lectures given by leading Cambridge scientists.

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Mission to Mars

20 Mar 2003

Later this year a tiny space probe, Britain's first interplanetary spacecraft, will travel 35 million miles in space to land on Mars. Named after Charles Darwin's ship, Beagle 2 has been built by a team led by Colin Pillinger, Professor of Planetary Sciences at the Open University, who will explain the background to this remarkable achievement in a public lecture called Searching for Life on Mars - Beagle 2, as part of Cambridge Science Festival.

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Extremes of Vision

19 Mar 2003

Why have we created a divide between arts and sciences? Are the ways in which artists and scientists see the world as different as we imagine? Can we identify common themes to build bridges between the two disciplines? These are some of the questions to be tackled by a prestigious panel in Extremes of Vision, a public debate taking place today (Wednesday 19 March) at the Faculty of Law, University Sidgwick Site, 7.30pm-9pm.

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Science Festival takes off

17 Mar 2003

Brilliant sunshine brought huge crowds to the opening Saturday of Cambridge Science Festival and the excitement continues with a full programme of events from now until the closing day next Saturday. Evening lectures on space exploration and the history of the cosmos are just two of the highlights of the coming week.

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Cambridge Science Festival

11 Mar 2003

At 10am on Saturday BBC Vets in Practice star Steve Leonard will launch this year's Cambridge Science Festival, an eight-day celebration of science that encompasses events and workshops aimed at every age group, from the toddler upwards. He will then give a children's lecture Extreme Animals Uncovered (Babbage Lecture Theatre, New Museums Site) to explain what it's like to film with dangerous animals.

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