Going green: why don't we all do it?

10 Jun 2016

From wind turbines and solar photovoltaics to grey water recycling and electric vehicles, technology is making it ever easier for us to be green – yet many of us are not. Now, Cambridge researchers are discovering that our personalities and communities have a major impact on our environmental decisions, opening up new ways to ‘nudge’ us into saving energy and carbon.

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Seeds to skyscrapers

24 Jun 2014

Wood is one of the oldest building materials but its use is limited by its properties. With new funding, researchers aim to stretch these properties to an unprecedented degree, creating the means to build a skyscraper out of plants.

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Sustaining flood-prone Venice

09 Oct 2013

How will regions around the world adapt to an increase in sea levels? A project looking at how Venice can manage its rising waters is a remarkable case study for flood-prone environments elsewhere.

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The world is changing: how do we respond?

01 Oct 2013

Today we commence a month-long focus on research on sustainability and the environment. To begin, Professor Lord Martin Rees and Professor Paul Linden, respectively Chair and Director of the Cambridge Forum for Sustainability and the Environment, describe how experts from across the University have joined forces to examine how we can respond to some of the most pressing global sustainability challenges.

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