All in a day’s work

12 Jun 2018

Researchers at the University of Cambridge are helping to understand the world of work – the good, the bad, the fair and the future.

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Preparing social scientists for the world of big data

18 Jun 2015

The UK lags behind other countries in preparing social scientists for the world of big data, says Dr Brendan Burchell, Director of a new centre set up to teach undergraduates the advanced quantitative skills they will need to work with massive datasets.

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We ask the experts: are we working too hard?

06 Sep 2013

With rising competition for jobs, and increasing pressure to excel in the workplace, a healthy work-life balance is hard to achieve. The technology we invented to make our lives run smoother means that we seldom switch off.  Could we do things differently?

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Women on a bench

Tick, tick, tick: the demographic time bomb

03 Nov 2012

By 2032 a quarter of the British population will be over the age of 65. On November 3, a panel of economists, businessmen and social scientists will gather in Cambridge to discuss the issues surrounding this rapid demographic change.

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