Care in the community

29 May 2002
Cambridge GP Dr Stephen Barclay has joined the University of Cambridge to carry out a three-year study of palliative care in the community for people with cancer. His research is funded by Macmillan Cancer Relief and he is based at the General Practice and Primary Care Research Unit.
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Towards a more secure future

21 May 2002

The Centre of International Studies yesterday (21 May 2002) launched the Programme for Security in International Society. This new initiative will undertake a fundamental re-examination of the nature of instability and insecurity facing the global community, in the wake of the recent tragic world-wide events.

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Tough on the causes of crime?

20 May 2002
A new international research programme launched today (Monday 20 May 2002) at the University of Cambridge will carry out groundbreaking research into how people’s social contexts lead them into, and out of, criminal careers.
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Gender and the developing world

17 May 2002
The Gender Studies Working Group is now half-way through its latest annual lecture series. This year the lectures explore gender issues in the developing world.
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Can the past inform the present?

15 May 2002
Today's policy-makers should take a more long-term perspective on contemporary issues. This is the premise behind History and Policy, a new initiative by the University of Cambridge History Faculty and the Institute of Contemporary British History at the Institute of Historical Research.
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University suffers tragic losses in train crash

13 May 2002
Amongst the victims of Friday's train crash at Potters Bar were Jonael Schickler, a PhD student at Queens' College, Cambridge and Emma Knights, a former member of staff. Queens' College and Emma's former colleagues have both paid tribute to these two much-liked figures.
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V-C delivers inaugural lecture at MIT

10 May 2002
Professor Sir Alec Broers, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, will be at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) tonight (Friday 10 May 2002), to deliver a lecture about the evolution of high-tech industries.
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US and them - McNamara on American foreign policy

09 May 2002
Robert McNamara is visiting Cambridge this week to take part in a series of discussions about US foreign policy from the 1960s to the present. Mr McNamara was Secretary of Defence in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations and a key policy maker during the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War.
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Bonnie Dunbar lands in Cambridge

03 May 2002
"When I grow up I want to be an astronaut". This is a familiar refrain for many parents of young children - especially boys. But what is it really like to be an astronaut, and how can this childhood dream become a reality? NASA astronaut Dr Bonnie Dunbar will be answering these questions at a lecture organised by the University's Women in Science, Engineering and Technology Initiative (WiSETI) on 7 May. She will also encourage the girls in the audience to consider a career in science, proving by example that it is not just a job for boys.
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