Fantasy to federation

02 Apr 2001

A new exhibition of maps at the Cambridge University Library tells the story of how European cartographers charted Australia. Timed to coincide with the centenary of Australia's foundation as a federal state, the exhibition begins with the early imaginary maps of the 16th century and ends in 1901, when the British colonies were united into a nation with a federal structure. The exhibition is being opened today (Monday 2 April, 2001) by the Australian High Commissioner, His Excellency Michael L'Estrange.

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Engineering powers up

26 Mar 2001

Engineering is a fascinating profession involved in the design and manufacture of almost everything you can see: from microchips to motorways, from aeroplanes to artificial hips. But for over 20 years, the UK has been suffering from a shortage of engineers.

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National Science Week's Grand Finale

23 Mar 2001

National Science Week at the University of Cambridge draws to a close this weekend. On Saturday 24 March, 2001 there will be huge array of activities and events with something for every age. Here are just a few of the highlights, for a full programme visit our National Science Weekwebsite.

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Enigmatic heroes

22 Mar 2001

It's hard to cast one of Cambridge's most enduring stereotypes, the eccentric genius, as war hero. But in fact it was this very brand of academic brilliance that brought the Second World War to an early conclusion, saving perhaps millions of lives, and preventing a nuclear strike on Germany.

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Science - who's in control?

20 Mar 2001

Science has a central role in the modern world - in helping us understand risks like global warming and in developing the technologies which underpin our economy. But who should make the decisions about the science we can practise and the technologies we can use - politicians, religious leaders, business people or the scientists themselves? On Wednesday 21 March, the University will be staging a mid-week debate, with a panel of experts from a range of scientific backgrounds.

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Science Week on the road

19 Mar 2001

National Science Week at the University of Cambridge got off to a flying start at the weekend when thousands of people visited the University on Saturday 17 March 2001 for a day of lectures, workshops and performances.

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Celebrating science

16 Mar 2001

This Saturday thousands of children and adults will be crowding into the University's New Museums Site to join Johnny Ball and Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Alec Broers when they launch National Science Week's Science on Saturday programme.

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New Unilever Centre launched

15 Mar 2001

For the past five years the University of Cambridge and Unilever have been working on a major new joint venture - the Unilever Centre for Molecular Informatics at the University of Cambridge.

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