Japan under Koizumi

21 Nov 2001

This Friday (23 November, 2001) Stephen Gomersall, the UK Ambassador to Japan will visit the University to give a talk on the challenges now facing Japan.

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Clio answers academic questions

20 Nov 2001

A Cambridge graduate history student has won the 2001 Palgrave/THES Humanities and Social Science prize for an essay on the past and future of the university.

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Success for Cambridge Students

16 Nov 2001

Cambridge University Students Union's Little Black Book has been awarded one of the top prizes in the 7th Annual British Diversity Awards 2001.

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Building Brand awareness

14 Nov 2001

This month staff and students are involved in the revival of an opera which was almost lost after being suppressed by the Third Reich in the 1930s.

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Cambridge takes the lead on learning

12 Nov 2001

A new initiative which will support and improve the practice of leadership in schools will be launched this week by the University of Cambridge's Faculty of Education.

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Heroes and Artists - Brazil's popular art

08 Nov 2001

The extraordinary world of bandits, religion and daily life in the backlands of Brazil is brought to life in Heroes and Artists: Popular Art and the Brazilian Imagination, an exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum.

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Charting strategy in a sea of change

07 Nov 2001

This week sees the launch of the Cambridge-MIT Institute (CMI) Distinguished Lectures, a programme of monthly videoconferences linking MIT and the University of Cambridge.

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CAPSA Report

05 Nov 2001

The University published two reports on Friday, 2 November 2001 about the University's on-line commitment accounting software system (CAPSA) and its implementation (Reporter, 2 November 2001).

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