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22 March 2000

Children putting the fascinating world of the Plant Kingdom under the microscope at the University Botanic Garden.

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Arab Delegation Visits Cambridge

09 March 2000
Vice Chancellor Sir Alec Broers (right) at Pembroke College with the Secretary General of the League of Arab States (left) and the Master of Pembroke College, Sir Roger Tomkys (centre).
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New Pro-Vice-Chancellor Takes Up Post to Work for the Humanities

25 February 2000
Professor Hugh Mellor has been appointed Pro-Vice-Chancellor until 31 December 2001. His chief responsibilities will be academic co-ordination of the University's submissions for the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) and advising the Vice-Chancellor on support for the humanities.
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Explaining the Behaviour of Hot Springs on the Sea-Floor

24 February 2000
One of the long-standing mysteries of the sea-floor has been solved. In this week's Nature, scientists from the University of Cambridge set out a model which shows why hot springs occurring deep beneath the ocean can never reach temperatures of more than 400 degrees centigrade.
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