Gardens and governments

14 February 2002

A new book by a Cambridge historian which uses the history of Kew Gardens to trace the relationship between the rise of Western science and the growth of European imperialism has won a prestigious international prize.

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Max Perutz, 1914 - 2002

08 February 2002
Cambridge this week lost one its greatest scientific figures. Max Perutz, one of the founding fathers of molecular biology, died early on Wednesday 6 February at the age of 87.
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Cambridge changing

06 February 2002

The University of Cambridge has initiated a major programme to discuss reform of its corporate governance. The programme is launched today with the publication of a consultation paper which sets out proposals for significant constitutional change.

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Dino feet leave their mark

01 February 2002
Fossilised footprints uncovered in an Oxfordshire quarry have revealed important clues about how large meat-eating theropod dinosaurs moved.
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