Regional security in the Korean peninsula

05 April 2002

Ambassador Stephen Bosworth opened the second day of a major Cambridge conference on the future of the Korean penisula with an analysis of relations between North and South Korea, the prospects for reunification and the role of the USA in Northeast Asia.

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Leading Korean politician speaks out on reunification

04 April 2002

Madame Park Geun Hye, South Korean National Assembly Member and former Vice-President of the country’s Grand National Party, opened a significant conference on the international relations of the Korean peninsula yesterday (Wednesday 3 April 2002).

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The Queen Mother - a friend remembered

02 April 2002
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, died on Saturday 30 March 2002 at the age of 101. The University of Cambridge's Vice Chancellor, Professor Sir Alec Broers, has paid tribute to her:
"A dear friend of the University, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, will be sadly missed. Her contributions were much valued and we send our sincere condolences to her family".
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Cracked it!

28 March 2002

Hard-boiled eggs rise up when they are spun, whereas raw eggs remain flat. The mystery of why this is so has been cracked in time for Easter by Cambridge mathematician Professor Keith Moffatt, and Japanese physicist Professor Yutaka Shimomura.

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César Milstein, 1927-2002

27 March 2002
César Milstein, Nobel Laureate and co-inventor of the hybridoma technique for the production of monoclonal antibodies, died this weekend on Sunday 24 October, 2002.
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Osteoporosis study reveals higher risk

26 March 2002
Results from the largest epidemiological study of osteoporosis in Europe suggest that women are at almost 10 times more likely to suffer from the disease than reports from general practitioners indicate.
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Heart of darkness

22 March 2002
It is all around us; it fills the universe and yet we cannot see it, touch it or even define what it is. Astronomers the world over are still trying to explain this elusive presence in the Universe - a presence with nothing except its weight to prove its existence. So far all it has is a name: dark matter.
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Elements of surprise

20 March 2002
From the rarest metal, to the planet beneath our feet, everything around us is made up of elements. John Emsley, Science Writer in Residence at Cambridge University's Department of Chemistry, will be exploring some of these elements in his National Science Week talk, Elements of Surprise which will take place today (20 March 2002) at 7pm in the Lady Mitchell Hall.
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Air time

18 March 2002
A chance to discuss one of the hottest topics in science was on offer yesterday (Monday 18 March) when the University’s National Science Week team staged a debate on environmental pollution.
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National Science Week 2002

15 March 2002
Fire performers Feeding the Fish will provide an explosive start to National Science Week 2002 at the University of Cambridge. Along with the BBC's Dr Adam Hart Davis, Feeding the Fish will be launching the popular Science on Saturday programme tomorrow (16 March), at the University's New Museums Site, in Downing Street.
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