Foot-and-mouth epidemic modelled in Cambridge

04 Oct 2001

Britain's foot-and-mouth epidemic would have been over much sooner if the slaughter and cull policy currently in operation had been implemented from the beginning, according to researchers at the University of Cambridge.

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Insector Morse - the science of forensic entomology

03 Oct 2001

Insects may give many of us the creeps but forensic scientists can't afford to be so squeamish. Insect evidence can often provide them with vital clues in criminal investigations. The science of forensic entomology will be explored by one of its leading UK exponents in a talk at the Department of Zoology this week.

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Transport from sunshine

02 Oct 2001

The University has applied for a 2million Euro grant to run a ground-breaking environmentally-friendly transport system. Buses will run between the West Cambridge site and the city centre in what would be the world's largest solar-hydrogen energy demonstration project. The buses will be quieter and cleaner than their conventional counterparts - the only emission from their fuel cell engines will be water vapour.

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Back online with a new design

26 Sep 2001

To celebrate the start of the academic year, the University has launched a fresh look for its central web site. From the beginning of term, visitors to the site will see a brand new home page and a new image for a lot of the information that the site contains.

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800th anniversary marked with tree planting

24 Sep 2001

'Town and Gown' joined forces on Sunday 23 September to celebrate Cambridge's octocentenary. University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Alec Broers, and the Mayor of Cambridge City, Councillor Chris Lakin, planted a tree in the Botanic Garden, as a celebration of the important role that the University has had in the development of Cambridge throughout its 800-year history.

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Scientific Pioneer Rewarded

17 Sep 2001

Robert Edwards, CBE, FRS, MA, Emeritus Professor of Human Reproduction at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Churchill College has been awarded one of America's most distinguished honours for his outstanding contributions to basic and clinical medical research.

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