Murray Edwards College, founded as New Hall, has announced it is hosting the first European Girls Mathematical Olympiad.

The event has been created as a partnership between the college and the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust – the educational charity that organises maths competitions in secondary schools throughout the UK.

Inspired by the very successful China Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad, pictured, this is a bid to encourage more girls from across Europe to develop and pursue their interest in mathematics, to get involved in maths competitions, and to compete at the highest level internationally.

The Olympiad will be held in Cambridge between the 10th and the 16th April 2012. Countries across Europe will send teams consisting of their strongest four female mathematicians of school age to compete. During the course of the Olympiad, competitors will be asked to solve eight very hard problems during nine hours of examinations.

The competition comes with high-profile support from some distinguished academics, including Professor Marcus du Sautoy, Professor Frances Kirwan, Dr Peter Neumann and Professor Bernard Silverman, all of whom sit on the board for the competition.

Dr Jennifer Barnes, president of competition host Murray Edwards, said: “The college is honoured and delighted to host the first ever European Girls Maths Olympiad. A commitment to excellence in mathematics has been part of our history since our founding as New Hall in 1954.

“Murray Edwards pursues talent and provokes potential. We look forward to welcoming the next generation of the brightest mathematical minds from across Europe to the college.”

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