University of Cambridge lectures, short films and interviews can now be downloaded to a computer near you, simply by launching iTunes.

Now available on iTunes U, an area of the iTunes Store offering free education content, Cambridge University will provide users from across the globe free access to material from some of the University’s top academics as well as other world-leading experts, 24 hours a day.

Podcasts from Dr David Starkey’s (of Channel 4’s Monarchy fame) history of Cambridge, interviews with some of Cambridge’s Nobel prize winners and an exploration of Cambridge’s code-breaking exploits during the World War II are just a few examples of more than 300 podcasts available.

Cambridge on iTunes U will also include Dr Chris Smith under the guise of ‘The Naked Scientists’. Dr Smith and his team of physicians and researchers strip science down to the basics. Their popular podcast currently tops the science charts for downloads in the US, as well as hovering in the top 20 science downloads in the iTunes Store for most of the rest of the world.

John Naughton, Observer columnist and Fellow of Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, commented on the launch: "The old adage that 'Cambridge ideas change the world' has just received a new twist: now they're on your desktop."

Cambridge on iTunes U will offer something for everyone whether you are an entrepreneur, historian or art-lover. The more than 300 audio and video tracks currently on offer cover a broad range of themes; delve into the Enron scandal, take a guided tour of the exhibitions at the Fitzwilliam museum by leading experts, and listen to the regular contributions from the St John’s College choir – all without having to leave your house!

Additionally, students hoping to apply to Cambridge will be able to download videos to guide them through the application process.

All of the content will be playable on a Mac or PC with iTunes and can be synched to an iPod or iPhone.

Recorded material has been posted online in the past from Cambridge, but this is the first time it will all be offered in one place. Organised in iTunes U, it will create an opportunity to search through the entire catalogue and provide an insight into life at Cambridge.

Take a look at what is available by visiting iTunes U in the iTunes Store or by going to:

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