Dr Sai Shivareddy and Professor Clare Grey

Cambridge spin-out Nyobolt raises £50m to lead on sustainable energy storage

15 Jul 2022

Nyobolt, the pioneer of end-to-end fast-charging battery systems, announces £50 million funding which will enable the company to enter a stage of...

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Live long and prosper

14 Jul 2022

Meet Daniel Ives, co-founder of a Cambridge start-up with one big ambition: to put an end to ageing and the diseases that come with it.

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Researcher looking at flask in lab

AstraZeneca to fund a further 55 PhD studentships with University of Cambridge

12 Jul 2022

The University of Cambridge has formed a new agreement with AstraZeneca for the global biopharmaceuticals company to fund 55 additional PhD...

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Innovative recruitment platform wins KPMG future of work hackathon

30 Jun 2022

The University of Cambridge's ThinkLab helped design and run a KPMG 'Future of Work' hackathon to find promising new ideas that will help transform...

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Women laughing

KPMG and the University of Cambridge unveil new partnership to reimagine the world of work, starting with mental wellbeing

21 Jun 2022

New five-year partnership on the ‘Future of Work’ will examine the big issues affecting the modern workforce and offer practical, research-backed...

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Good work?

21 Jun 2022

What do we want from work - and how can we get it? Jennifer Howard-Grenville introduces the University's new partnership with KPMG on the future of...

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Making the digital world a safer place

25 May 2022

New technology developed by Cambridge researchers and Arm to make our computers more secure is being put through its paces by tech companies in the...

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Powering a green revolution

23 May 2022

Dr Giorgia Longobardi, founder and CEO of University spinout Cambridge GaN Devices, is harnessing the extraordinary properties of superconductor...

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Low-cost device being developed to help cancer patients manage their care

05 May 2022

Med-tech start-up 52 North Health has raised £1 million in its first round of funding to help it develop the NeutroCheck, a fully-integrated clinical...

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Woman using laptop for team meeting

Remote working is a ‘mixed bag’ for employee wellbeing and productivity, study finds

22 Apr 2022

Adapting remote and hybrid work policies to employees’ specific work-life situations can result in increased well-being and productivity, but many...

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Businesswoman interacting with colleagues sitting at conference table during meeting in board room - stock photo

Women are ‘running with leaded shoes’ when promoted at work, says study

19 Apr 2022

Promotion at work has greater emotional benefit for men than women, says a new study on gender and workplace emotion.

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Cambridge spin-out aiming to make it easier to find and apply regulations

14 Apr 2022

RegGenome, a commercial spin-out from the University of Cambridge, has announced the completion of a $6 million seed funding round.

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