As Eddie Redmayne brings home an Academy Award for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in the film Theory of Everything we've started to check the shelves for other Oscars won by Cambridge Alumni.

Help us complete the list by tweeting winners' names using #CantabOscars"

With over 90 Nobel Prizes already occupying our shelves, space is at a premium but how many Oscars in total have Cambridge University Alumni won? 

Turning to Twitter we asked our followers to help us bring together a list of known recipients. Help us complete the list by tweeting winners' names using #CantabOscars

If you're interested in meeting potential winners of the future you could do worse than to come along to Watersprite 2015 - the Cambridge International Student Film Festival. The student-run festival has been growing from strength to strength since 2010 when it began. As well as meeting the filmmakers - and perhaps Academy Award winners of the future, it's also a chance to hear from industry heavyweights. 2013 saw a visit from Eddie Redmayne himself.

And the winner is...

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