Four researchers working in a laboratory

Cambridge is one of the world’s leading research universities, working across disciplines with international partners to find solutions to global challenges.

The University of Cambridge has been prominent in the world’s top five universities for many years; our global position reflects, above all, the quality of our research. Cambridge supports international researchers working at the forefront of their disciplines, who continually strive to extend the boundaries of knowledge.

Collaboration across borders

The scale of today’s research questions, and the equipment required to study them, demand that researchers work collaboratively across national boundaries. Cambridge sustains the best research through international engagement at every level from collaborations between individual academics to multi-dimensional institutional agreements. Every partnership is based on quality and excellence, and aims to achieve the maximum global impact, educational, societal and economic.

Global networks 

The global dimension is inherent in every field of research, and the University also has a number of centres and institutes with a specific international focus. Cambridge engages with peer institutions, governments, NGOs and policy-makers around the world to translate the results of its research for the benefit of society. Cambridge is a member of the International Alliance of Research Universities (11 of the world's leading research universities) and the League of European Research Universities (an alliance of 23 European research-intensive universities), enabling it to share best practice with peer institutions around the world.


For further information about the University's research, please visit the Research at Cambridge webpages.