“The world of energy faces some tough challenges in the decades ahead, particularly in meeting increasing demand with less environmental impact. In seeking to meet these challenges, strategic partnerships with world-class academic institutions remain essential – and  the University of Cambridge is one of our most valued relationships. Through understanding and respecting mutual objectives, our long-term collaboration ensures that research is closely aligned with real-world challenges and also benefits from an interdisciplinary approach. Our co-operation now spans technology and policy research across many departments as well as executive education, hiring at graduate and post-graduate level and international programmes. We also have the benefit of being able to engage across the spectrum of R&D stages – from fundamental and applied research to co-founding technology venturing companies. We have benefited greatly from the University’s strategic approach to industrial engagement, the professionalism of the central industrial liaison team as well as multi-industry perspectives of world-class academics”


“Our partnership with Cambridge University is a great opportunity for us to combine our drug development expertise with the research skills of the academic scientists based at this world leading hub for life sciences research. Centred around our own clinical trials unit located within the city’s main hospital, we’re perfectly placed to work together to translate cutting edge early stage science in to innovative new medicines.”


“Boeing’s on-going relationship with Cambridge University is not only a strategic partnership, but an example of how two iconic organizations can effectively partner in addressing relevant, real-world technology challenges.  In working with Cambridge University, we are able to leverage the talents of the university’s researchers in investigating and advancing the art of the possible in various aerospace and manufacturing technologies.  The Boeing funded research projects and subsequent discoveries are targeted for transition across our operating units, especially focused on our UK and European businesses and strategic technology initiatives.  In addition, we look at Cambridge University as a valuable resource in recruiting future talent for our UK and global workforce.  It’s a strong partnership with a rich history based on relationships, mutual trust and respect that continues to evolve to the benefit of both parties.”