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Photo by Will Francis on Unsplash

Photo by Will Francis on Unsplash

Welcome to the Cambridge Festival of Podcasts!

Here you'll find all the podcasts from around Cambridge all in one place. Listen to one, then move on to the next!

Subjects include everything from radiotherapy and finding the links between climate change and early marriage to what really happened to Darwin's missing notebooks.

New for 2024!

Say That Again Slowly (New Season!)

Say That Again Slowly is the Cambridge Festival podcast looking to explore research and topics presented at the Festival in closer detail with the experts. New season includes Must Farm, nuclear fusion, a Russian composer and the history (and future) of vaccines.

Mind Matters

Mind Matters is a University of Cambridge podcast dedicated to nurturing mental well-being within the university community and beyond. We explore challenges faced by students, and delve into topics ranging from social connections and pressures, to healthy lifestyles and transitions. A series from The Rudd Centre. 

The Animal Heartbeat

A podcast aimed at all veterinary professionals with an interest in veterinary cardiology. Veterinarian, nurse, tech or student, you'll find something to engage you in this fascinating specialty.

So, now what?

The new monthly podcast from Gates Cambridge will cover eight different areas, from climate economics to global healthcare.

Welcome Onboard

A podcast with leaders and managers across the University discussing topics related to leadership and management, where they share their valued advice, top tips, and anecdotes from their own experiences and knowledge.

Climate Conversations: The Podcast

Dr Zoë Svendsen exploring new ways of working and thinking in order to create the conditions for more climate-careful theatre-making.

Heart Podcast

The BMJ's Heart Podcast Digital Media Editor, Professor James Rudd helps keep cardiologists up to date with advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.


Profiling inspiring woman who are doing outstanding things, primarily in the fields of science, but also entrepreneurship and business.

Religion and Global Challenges

With miniseries on martyrdom, religious difference, and climate change, the Religion and Global Challenges podcast explores how religious narratives, ideas, practices and experiences inform crucial challenges facing our world today.

Bookable Space

Hosted by award-winning author and podcaster, Yvonne Battle-Felton (Academic Director for Creative Writing at ICE), Bookable Space is a podcast where authors read to us, answer three questions about their books, and tell us where to find them.

The Virginia Woolf podcast

A podcast series designed to discover Virginia Woolf’s impact on art, philosophy, and politics in the present day, as well as Woolf’s interest in the arts and ideas of her own time.


Unpack and explore society's relationship with nature with the new podcast from the Intellectual Forum. Host Noah Rouse sits down with academics and influential figures to discuss how different facets of our society interact with the natural world.

Capital Allocators

Tilly Franklin, CEO and Chief Investment Officer at University of Cambridge Investment Management, discusses her career and her time in Cambridge so far.

1,000 Words Behind a Picture

George Regkoukos, a historian of Russian and Research Analyst & Research Programmes Coordinator at Cambridge discusses great masterpieces of Russian art.

Who is responsible for shaping and delivering climate education?

Christine Özden, global director for climate education at Cambridge University Press & Assessment, talks to Jodie Bailey-Ho, a student of environmental sciences at the University of Manchester and champion of climate education.

Say That Again Slowly

Say That Again Slowly is the Cambridge Festival podcast looking to explore research and topics presented at the Festival in closer detail with the experts.

Mind Over Chatter

Mind Over Chatter is the official podcast from the University of Cambridge. One series at a time, we break down complex issues into simple questions.

The Mystery of Darwin's Stolen Notebooks

In this first podcast from one of the world’s great libraries, you’ll find out about the notebooks’ great importance, the endlessly curious life and letters of Charles Darwin, and the end of a nearly 50-year mega project to transcribe and publish 15,000 letters to and from Darwin – making them freely available to us all.

Climate Brides

Set against the backdrop of rising temperatures and changing rainfall patterns, Climate Brides is an evidence-based, conversational podcast that seeks to (un)tie the knots between early marriage and the climate catastrophe in South Asia.

Made the same way

Everyone is different, but we all start as fertilised eggs – we are made the same way. Young artists and scientists embrace challenging conversations about how humans develop before birth. A podcast from the Gurdon Institute.

All About Radiotherapy

In this podcast by the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre, dive into the world of radiotherapy by learning what radiotherapy is and how it has developed.


Thoughtlines is a podcast series from CRASSH  – the place where people gather to ask the big questions on who we are and why we live the way we do.

Living Proof

Launched in March 2019, the INI podcast series aims to highlight the diverse people and explore the many interconnected topics linked to the Institute’s activities.

The Naked Scientists

The Naked Scientists flagship weekly science show. Science news stories, scientific breakthroughs and interviews with leading scientists.

Declarations: The Human Rights Podcast

Explore human rights with people who study them, and people who fight for them, from the UK and around the world with Centre of Governance and Human Rights.

Risky Talk

Risky Talk features conversations with the world’s top experts in risk and evidence communication addressing urgent, practical challenges.

People Doing Physics

As fascinating as physics can be, it can also seem very abstract, but behind each experiment and discovery stands a real person trying to understand the universe.

Science, Policy & Pandemics

From the Centre for Science and Policy, this podcast focuses on sharing the evidence and expertise policymakers need to know as they respond to Covid-19.

Crossing Channels

Monthly podcast series produced by the Bennett Institute for Public Policy (Cambridge) and Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse (IAST) to give interdisciplinary answers to today's challenging questions.

The Good Robot

Join Dr Eleanor Drage and Dr Kerry Mackereth as they ask the experts: What is good technology? Is it even possible? And how can feminism help us work towards it? 

Rethinking Islam Today

A podcast about Islam and ideas, from the Centre of Islamic Studies at the University of Cambridge.

Postdoc Academy Podcast

One-off podcasts from the University of Cambridge Postdoc Academy, covering a range of issues that affect the postdoc community.

Integrated Cancer Medicine: Research in Focus

This series highlights the ground-breaking science by the Integrated Cancer Medicine Programme (ICM) at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre and the University of Cambridge.

Cambridge University Human Rights Law Society

In every episode, hear from leading experts to learn more about the most important human rights issues of the day.

The History of Now

The History of Now, a series of podcasts from the Faculty of History at the University of Cambridge, discussing the covid-19 pandemic from an historical perspective.

The Faraday Institute: Out and About

A series of podcasts covering conferences, individual interviews, seminars and much much more. A plethora of topics such as science, religion, theology, faith and philosophy.

The MBA Perspective on Accounting

This episode looks at environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting: issues that matter to business operations, and how companies report about them.

Cambridge Policy Shop

A podcast that looks at contemporary policy issues from around the globe and explores possible solutions through interview-style conversations with experts, academics and policy practitioners.

The Confidence Interval

The Confidence Interval is an occasional podcast from MRC Epidemiology Unit at the University of Cambridge – talking science, people and public health.

Listen to THIS

In these informal conversations, hear unique perspectives from diverse experts who are generating evidence and innovating practice to improve quality and safety in the NHS.

Library of the Great Silence

The Library of the Great Silence is a unique research facility founded by the San Francisco conceptual artist Jonathon Keats and dedicated to examining existential risks of the present.

Maths on the Move

A weekly Plus podcast, 'Maths on the Move', aims to give a wide interested audience insights into the world of mathematics, with interviews and discussions with leading mathematicians and scientists about the maths that is changing our lives. 

Joining the Dots

In our podcast series Connect Health Tech explore and discuss a diverse range of themes and topics of interest, including developing interdisciplinary collaborations, finding the right partner, and impactful business support for entrepreneurs.

The Cambridge Anthropology Podcast

Camthropod is produced by a collective of staff and students from the Cambridge Department of Social Anthropology. We broadcast regularly during term time. Camthropod includes interviews with visiting speakers about their work, as well as audio pieces presenting aspects of our research or just things that interest us about daily life.

800 Years of Death and Disease in Cambridge

A guided walking tour taking you through a history of illness, medical care and social welfare in Cambridge.