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Finding the ‘genetic signposts’ of disease

01 Sep 2007

One of the biggest projects ever undertaken to identify genetic variants that predispose some people to certain diseases was begun in 2005, thanks to £9 million funding from the Wellcome Trust. The ground-breaking results of this study were published in June this year.

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Functional MRI scan

Why are we so fat?

01 Apr 2007

For some people, the urge to eat is uncontrollable. Cambridge scientists have taken us a step closer to understanding the causes of obesity by studying a group of patients for whom overeating is an everyday event.

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Niah-Cave, Borneo

Re-thinking the past, present and future

01 Feb 2007

Understanding our biological past is a tricky business. It's like trying to build a jigsaw puzzle when most of the pieces are missing. However, bioarchaeologists at the University of Cambridge are doing just that through the study of human-environment interactions within a historic and prehistoric framework, often with surprising results.

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