This section contains archival information that was archived on 17 May 2021.

February 2021: courses resuming in-person teaching from 8 March

Recent government guidance has allowed for a small number of practical or practice-based courses to resume in-person teaching from 8 March. These courses are listed below. If your course is not one of those listed below, your teaching will continue to be delivered as it is currently (whether that is online or in-person) and you should remain where you are (whether at home or in Cambridge). Please see our guidance on the rest of Lent Term, the Easter vacation and Easter Term 2021

The following courses at Cambridge are planning for some in-person teaching to resume after 8 March:  

Last updated 16 March

Faculty/Department Course Return date
Architecture Tripos – third year only  From 8 March 
  Master of Architectural and Urban Design – second year only  From 8 March 
  Tripos – first and second year  Start of Easter Term 
  Master of Architectural and Urban Design – first year   Start of Easter Term 
Chemical Engineering  MPhil in Advance Chemical Engineering From 8 March 
Clinical Medicine Individual masters students for research purposes  From 8 March 
Criminology  MSt in Applied Criminology & Police Management  From 6 April 
Earth Sciences Part IA, ESA and ESB Scheduled practical sessions from the beginning of Easter Term
  Part II & Part III (inc M.St) Scheduled revision sessions from the beginning of Easter Term
Education  PGCE Secondary (all courses)  8 March 
  PGCE Primary (all courses)  22 March 
  PG Diploma in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Counselling  From 6 April 
  Education Tripos Part IB Drama Production  From the start of Easter Term 
Engineering  MRes in Future Propulsion and Power (CDT)  8 March 
  MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development  From 12 April 
  MPhil in Industrial Systems, Manufacture, and Management  From 19 April 
  CDT (MRes+PhD) in Future Infrastructure and Built Environment       From 23 April 
  MPhils in: Nuclear Energy; Energy Technologies; Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence; Bioscience Enterprise  From the start of Easter Term 
  CDT (MRes+PhD) in Connected Electronic and Photonic Systems  From the start of Easter Term 
  Engineering Tripos Part 1A  Students who have not already built their structure for the Structural Design course are invited to return in Easter Term to do this if they wish
  Engineering Tripos Part IIB  Some students may return after the exam period to access labs for their project. Permission will be given on a case by case basis. You should not travel back to Cambridge until your supervisor has obtained approval from the Estates office. 
  Manufacturing Engineering Tripos Parts IIA and IIB  Course directors will be in touch 
  MSt in Construction Engineering  5-9 July residential week 
Judge Business School  MBA, EMBA, MFin  From 6 April 
Materials Science  Natural Sciences Tripos Part IA and Part II   From the start of Easter Term
  MPhil in Micro- and Nanotechnology Enterprise From the start of Easter Term
Medical Sciences   First year Tripos students  From the start of Easter Term
Music  Students who require access to practice rooms, recording facilities and instruments   From 8 March 
  All students  From the start of Easter Term 
Veterinary Sciences  First and second year Tripos students  From the start of Easter Term 

Students should expect to hear directly from their Faculty or Department about what is being offered and when. You will need to liaise with your College about when you can return to College accommodation, and should note that, once you are in Cambridge, you may have to remain here over the Easter vacation – the government has not currently made provision for students to travel, except for legally permitted reasons such as illness or mental health. If this changes, we will let you know.  

We realise that it may be difficult for some students to return to Cambridge (particularly international students who would need to quarantine for ten days). Students on the above courses who face such difficulties in returning should contact their College to discuss continuing with remote study.  

You should plan your return to Cambridge in time to take part in the Asymptomatic COVID-19 Screening Programme before attending any in-person classes. Depending on the swab day for your college, this may be up to one week before your first scheduled in-person class. For example, if you are to take part in face-to-face teaching on Monday 8 March, and the swab day for your College is Monday, you would need to return on 28 February for testing on 1 March. If this is not possible (for example, because you are not eligible for the screening programme), or if there will be an unavoidable delay between your return and next swab day, you can access a ‘Return to Cambridge’ test. Please note that, if you have had positive test for COVID-19 in the last 90 days, you should not take part in asymptomatic screening. See more information about the arrangements for testing during the Lent Term.