This archival information applied only to first- and second-year undergraduates in the academic year 2019-20.

Will I be classed?

First- and second-year undergraduate students will undertake modified assessments. However, no first- or second-year undergraduate assessment will be classed. 

Formative vs summative assessments

Your Faculty or Department has determined which of the assessments set for Easter Term 2020 are formative and which are summative.

  • Formative assessments — these are designed to give you feedback on your progress this year. Feedback is provided to identify your strengths and weaknesses. You do not have to pass formative assessments to progress to your next year of study and marks awarded will not appear on your University transcript (the formal record of your achievement at Cambridge). However, you will be expected to sit them. They are an extremely important part of your education and you should treat them seriously.

  • Summative assessment — this is designed to formally assess what you have learned. You must pass it to progress to the next year of study. The marks you receive will be recorded on your University transcript.

Many of the alternative assessments that have been approved will be formative and will not appear on your transcript.

Some Faculties and Departments have required their alternative assessments to be summative. You will receive a mark for your work and this will appear on your transcript. However, due to the exceptional circumstances, you will not be awarded a class.

If you can’t take your assessment in Easter Term 2020

If you cannot take your modified assessment at the scheduled time in Easter Term 2020 for any of the reasons outlined in the general assessment guidance, the following will happen:

  • If the assessment is a formative or summative piece of coursework (for example, an extended essay) — you should apply for an extension from your Faculty or Department via your College Tutor or Director of Studies. Discretion on how long to extend the deadline sits with the Faculty or Department. If approved that extension should not  extend into the next academic year.
  • If the assessment is a formative timed online assessment — your Faculty or Department may offer you an alternative opportunity to take the assessment. As the assessment is formative, there is no requirement for you to take it and you will not be able to take it in the formal second assessment period.
  • If the assessment is summative assessment and you cannot take it in Easter Term 2020— you will be required to undertake the assessment in the second assessment period.

If you are unable to take any assessment, either in the first or the second assessment period, or you can only take some of the assessment, you will need to make an application to the Examination Access and Mitigation Committee (EAMC) to be allowed to progress to the next year of study. Your College can advise you of the process.