The figures on this page show the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases identified by University testing each week. They include data from our Asymptomatic COVID-19 Screening Programme.

We provide a robust testing regime for our staff and students. For students resident in our Colleges and many of those living in private accommodation, we offer a weekly asymptomatic screening programme. For staff and students with symptoms of possible COVID-19, we have two dedicated testing pods.

Because of the proactive nature of our testing, we identify significant numbers of asymptomatic cases. These figures are therefore not comparable with other institutions conducting symptomatic - but not asymptomatic - testing. Our approach allows us to minimise the time between infection and identification, then minimise transmission by supporting students to self-isolate.

Total number of positive cases identified by University testing 

Week Students Staff Total number of positive cases
4-10 October 2021 3 2 5

The data above represent the total number of cases identified by University testing. They do not include results from lateral flow tests (LFTs), or from students or staff tested by the NHS. All cases have been followed-up and, where appropriate, supported to self-isolate.

Detailed breakdown by type of testing

Positive cases identified by University asymptomatic screening

Week Number of students screened Number of confirmed positive cases Positivity rate (%)
4-10 Oct 4,622 1 0.02

Cases identified by the pooled Asymptomatic COVID-19 Screening Programme are only counted after positive individual confirmatory tests. To avoid double-counting, these individual confirmatory tests are not included in the ‘Number of students screened’. Data for the ‘Number of students screened’ using LFTs are not included or available.

*Please note that, because students screened are not a representative sample, the overall prevalence in all students may be lower or higher than this positivity rate.

Weekly report from the Asymptomatic COVID-19 Screening Programme

Positive cases identified by University symptomatic testing

Week Number of tests (students and staff) Number of confirmed positive cases Positivity rate (%)
4-10 October 2021 114 4 3.5

Data from the COVID-19 testing service for 2020-21