The University acknowledges that many members of staff may want to make a positive contribution in these challenging times through volunteering.

If you are interested in volunteering during your normal work hours, you first need to discuss it with your line manager. As long as the volunteering does not interfere with your ability to perform your duties, or if you are able to make up the time within a reasonable timeframe, your manager is likely to agree to your request.

Health risks while volunteering

Any employee undertaking volunteering should be mindful of the potential health risks to themselves and those with whom they are in contact.

If you do volunteer, you should continue to follow official guidance in relation to coronavirus, as well as the health and safety procedures and instructions of the organisation(s) where you volunteer.

The health, safety and welfare of any employee undertaking volunteering is the responsibility of the organisation(s) in which they volunteer whilst this activity is undertaken. The University will not take any responsibility while you undertake volunteering activity, even if you do so during your usual work hours.

Organisations looking for volunteers