A message to students from the Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor about plans for Lent Term 2022.

Dear students,

Plans for teaching next term 

Your ongoing care and cooperation, as well as high vaccine uptake, has meant that incidences of COVID-19 among students and staff this term have been low and so we have been able to proceed with our plans to provide as much in-person teaching as we possibly can, along with access to libraries and other facilities in Cambridge.  

I am pleased to tell you that the University’s plans for teaching next term (Lent Term 2022) remain the same as for Michaelmas Term 2021, which is to provide in-person teaching wherever possible. We expect that we will be able to increase the capacity of lecture theatres which should provide further opportunities for in-person teaching, subject to local risk assessments. You will continue to be expected to be in residence in Cambridge, unless there are exceptional circumstances why this is not possible for you. Libraries anticipate following the same guidelines for study as during this term, providing it is safe to do so: this means you will be able to access the libraries in-person and online, however there may continue to be reduced occupancy levels at some library sites. 

Our plans take into account measures to stay as safe as possible and we review our approach regularly. If it becomes necessary for us to change our plans, I will let you know. 

With best wishes for the rest of this term, 


Professor Graham Virgo 

Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)