A message from Professor Graham Virgo, Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education), about a revision to government guidance regarding the Easter break.

Dear students 

Revision to government guidance for students relating to the Easter break 

Yesterday the University received revised guidance from the government relating to students moving between their term-time accommodation and another household over the Easter break. I am writing to you to pass on this information. 

Government guidance for this term has been that once students return to their term-time accommodation they must remain living there unless an exemption to the national restrictions on leaving home and gatherings applies. The government has now added a new exemption which means that travel will be permitted on one occasion from their term-time accommodation at University to (and from) one other household for the purposes of a vacation during the Easter break. The window for travel is from 8 March to 29 April.   

The government guidance relates to both domestic and international students who wish to travel to another household in the UK or overseas. I should note that in order to minimise transmission of COVID-19, despite permitting travel, the government still strongly advises against this. Students are particularly advised not to travel abroad because travel restrictions could change whilst they are overseas and they may not be able to return. If this did happen, such students should contact their College to seek permission for remote study for the Easter Term. 

If you do choose to travel to another household for your Easter break, you should get tested before you leave. You are encouraged to get tested before you return to Cambridge at local community testing facilities and should then also be tested upon your return. More information about testing arrangements will be provided over the next few days. 

We are still waiting for clarification from the government as to when all students will be permitted to return to Cambridge. I will let you know once we have this information, but this will not be before early April.  

As ever, if you have any questions relating to your own circumstances, please contact your College for guidance.

Best wishes,


Professor Graham Virgo, Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)