A message for all students about how to access mental health support if you need it.

We held an open meeting for students yesterday, and want to thank those who contributed questions. We received over a hundred questions and, while we couldn't take them all, they have all been heard. We will make a recording of the meeting available shortly. 

The Vice-Chancellor began by thanking all of you for the contribution you have made in helping to keep Cambridge safe during the pandemic.  

We want to remind you that, if you are struggling or have concerns, support is available to you. These are extraordinary times, and we want to encourage you to reach out for support.  

Your college is there to support you: looking after its students is an essential part of the work every college does. You can talk to your Tutor, Senior Tutor and college nurse, and some colleges also have a college counsellor. The University Counselling Service provides the support of a team of counsellors, mental health and sexual assault and harassment advisors and also offers self-help advice, videocasts, groups and workshops. 

There is further information about support available on the Stay Safe Cambridge Uni website and on the student wellbeing pages. If you are in crisis or don't know where to turn, please see our emergency information for a number of options. You can also access 24/7, free online support with Togetherall, to help you manage your mental health and wellbeing.  

Best wishes, 

Graham Virgo (Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education) and Marina Frasca-Spada (Secretary, Senior Tutors’ Committee and Senior Tutor, Corpus Christi College)