A message for students from Professor Graham Virgo, Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education), about the start of the assessment period at Cambridge.

Dear students,

Dear students 

Welcome to the start of a new term, which as I said in my message of 14 April, we all look forward to being as “normal” as possible. 

It is striking that, for students who have joined us since October 2019, each of their years at Cambridge has been affected by the pandemic. I want to thank you all for the impressive way that you have dealt with the uncertainty and the difficulties arising from COVID-19. For this term, it is really important that everyone is able to study and perform at their best, and so I want to reiterate how important respect for others will be over the coming weeks.  

Although the UK government has lifted all remaining COVID-19 restrictions, there must be ongoing consideration for those who remain at increased risk from catching any communicable disease, and others who may prefer to continue to wear face coverings or remain socially distanced. 

Easter Term should be a quiet time of study and preparation for examinations and assessments, and this should last until the end of the assessment period for all students (17 June). No-one should behave in a way that prevents others from studying.  

Last term a small minority of students occupied the Sidgwick Avenue Lecture Block. Although they claimed to be defending education at Cambridge, their actions prevented other students from attending lectures. I certainly do not wish to see a repeat of this. We do not anticipate further industrial action this term, but I want to remind you that disrupting others’ education is not a reasonable way to make views heard: there are other legitimate forms of protest that are compatible with the values of the University as an institution of higher education. 

Following your exams, of course celebrations and enjoying yourself are part of your Cambridge experience. This is a friendly reminder not to annoy other students or staff or members of the wider community with over-exuberant celebrations. The Proctors issue a notice each year to this effect, which I urge you all to read and consider: PROCTORIAL NOTICE

With my very best wishes for the Easter Term,  


Professor Graham Virgo 

Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)