Current government advice on novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is available at:


Coronavirus (COVID-19): UK government response


NHS advice provides guidance on the symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), how to avoid catching or spreading it, and what to do if you are concerned.


NHS advice  


The NHS 111 online coronavirus service is available using the above link.

Familiarise yourself with the PHE stay-at-home guidance. For students, this means staying in your room and not receiving visitors. This is a simple, common-sense way of minimising the chance of passing on any infection. Your College will help you with practical, pastoral and academic support.

Students – both undergraduate and postgraduate – have been asked to return home now (18/03/20), if possible. It is especially urgent for international students needing to make travel arrangements to do so as quickly as possible, as many countries are already imposing travel restrictions. Students unable to leave Cambridge will continue to be supported by their Colleges, and College accommodation will be available if needed.

The University’s Business Travel Insurance policy will NOT provide cover for returning home and the Insurance Section is not authorised or regulated to arrange private travel or health insurance. 

If students feel they should be self-isolating while still in Cambridge, they should return to their room, follow NHS advice and notify their Porters’ Lodge by phone. The Porters’ Lodge will then trigger College-based assistance.



See the looking after your wellbeing and mental health webpage for full information about the support available to students and staff. 


Questions and answers

Q. Should I come to work if I am displaying coronavirus symptoms?

No, you must not attend work and you must notify your department without delay.

If you are a member of staff, your absence will be treated as sick leave and the University’s standard Sickness Absence reporting procedure will apply. Please see the University’s Sickness Absence Policy for further details.

Q. Will I need to provide a GP fit note?

No, as a member of staff you are not required to provide a fit note if you are unwell due to the coronavirus. Please continue to keep your department informed and regularly updated about your health.