1. I wish to donate PPE to hospitals. What items are required and what is their specification? 

  • Disposable surgical masks – must be type IIR and splash resistant

  • Gloves

  • Respirator masks – must be FFP2 or FFP3

  • Hand sanitiser – must be 60% alcohol minimum

  • Gowns – must be water resistant

  • Ventilators and associated consumables – we will need to review as and when the donations are offered.

  • Reusable protective eyewear – goggles or glasses

  • Hazmat suits

  • Antibacterial wipes – we currently use Clinell universal wipes

  • Theatre caps – white bouffant mob caps or tie back caps.

2. I wish to donate PPE to hospitals. Is there a process to follow? 

Thank you for your support through donation. We have set up a logistics centre to receive donations of PPE and make it available to NHS medics.  

If you wish to donate, please complete the form here

On the form you will find the latest information about the types of PPE we are collecting and delivery instructions, including the delivery address.

Please note: our volunteer logistics team is on site between 09:00 and 12:00 every day. Please schedule your deliveries for arrival during these hours.

If you are sending a large delivery, we would recommend that you also email covid-response@cam.ac.uk

Please seal the equipment in a box and write clearly on the outside:

  • “Covid Response”
  • the name and address of the sender
  • the unique ID code from the online form submission
  • the details of the type of equipment enclosed and the number of items of each

If you have any question, please email covid-response@cam.ac.uk

3.  What happens to my donation when it reaches the logistics hub? 

When your donation arrives at the hub, it gets logged via ‘itemit’ object-tracking technology which captures information about the donated equipment, ensures only NHS-approved items are forwarded on, and allows a wide range of local services to see what is available in real-time and order what they need. We will then ensure that items requested by hospitals and local services are promptly delivered. 

Watch this video to see how we do it.

4. I need PPE. Can I go to the logistics hub to collect donations directly? 

The hub has been set up as a storage facility to provide support to hospitals and other local services who have been given access to our system and can therefore make requests. The hub will not give away any equipment unless it has gone through this process. If you have a request, please email covid-response@cam.ac.uk 

5. Can I donate to a specific hospital? 

We ask that, where possible, donations are made available to any hospital and local service so we can get them to where they are most needed. If, however, you would like to make a specific donation to a hospital, please make sure that it is clearly labelled on your box so that the logistics team can log it accordingly and ensure that it is assigned to a specific location. 

6. Do you accept unapproved items? 

If you wish to donate items that do not meet the standard specification, please email: covid-response@cam.ac.uk

7. I am arranging for a donation of PPE but I need a customs form. Could you provide one? 

If you need a customs form, please email: covid-response@cam.ac.uk