The RGB and web safe references for the colour palette are:

Pantone RGB Hex.
Pantone 199 R.214 G.8 B.59 D6083B
Pantone 285 R.0 G.115 B.207 0072CF
Pantone 158 R.227 G.114 B.34 EA7125
Pantone 369 R.88 G.166 B.24 55A51C
Pantone 513 R.142 G.37 B.141 8F2BBC
Pantone 7466 R.0 G.179 B.190 00B1C1

Pantone RGB Hex.
Pantone 197 R.235 G.153 B.169 EB99A9
Pantone 284 R.106 G.173 B.228 68ACE5
Pantone 142 R.243 G.189 B.72 F3BD48
Pantone 583 R.168 G.180 B.0 AAB300
Pantone 5215 R.181 G.147 B.155 AF95A3
Pantone 557 R.163 G.193 B.164 91B9A4

Pantone RGB Hex.
Pantone 1955 R.144 G.28 B.59 901C3B
Pantone 541 R.0 G.62 B.114 003E74
Pantone 718 R.200 G.78 B.0 CB4F00
Pantone 574 R.67 G.81 B.37 445026
Pantone 669 R.65 G.45 B.93 422E5D
Pantone 5473 R.21 G.101 B.112 106470