The Copyright Cup

06 Jun 2007

Books were replaced by boots as a team from Cambridge University Library travelled to Edinburgh last weekend for the inaugural Copyright Cup football tournament.

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Charles Darwin

5000 Darwin letters go online

17 May 2007

"The scheme is a most magnificent one. We spend about two years in South America, the rest of time larking round the world,"; said a young Charles Darwin in a letter to a friend, written as he waited to board the Beagle.

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Darwin evolves on to the internet

19 Oct 2006

In the first ever undertaking of its kind, the complete works of one of history’s greatest scientists are to be made available for free on the World Wide Web. The entire works of Charles Darwin - 50,000 pages of searchable text and 40,000 images of original publications – will be available at the click of a mouse.

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Duke of Buckingham’s Letter to the University of Cambridge, 1626

Opening the treasure chest

01 Oct 2006

Cambridge is leading the way in Resource Enhancement projects in the UK, opening up its unique and valuable collections to scholars worldwide, as well as the wider public. There is a huge amount of activity in this area across a number of projects and disciplines, from digitising records of everyday life in medieval Britain to transcribing audio cassettes of oral history from south Asia.

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