Intestinal cells

Stem cell casino

18 Mar 2011

A shake of the dice and a nod from the neighbour – new facets of stem cell biology uncovered when methods in theoretical physics were used to solve a biological problem.

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Jane Clarke

From teacher to molecular biophysicist

01 Nov 2010

Professor Jane Clarke’s laboratory was one of the first in the world to combine atomic force microscopy with protein engineering to ‘visualise’ the mechanical unfolding of a single protein at the molecular level.

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Vigeland Frogner Park Oslo Norway

Gender’s many faces

01 Nov 2010

New funding and a generous bequest are helping researchers in Cambridge to explore the complexities of how gender works in the world.

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NATO and Russia to join in dialogue at icebreaker

13 Oct 2010

<p>Members of NATO and Russian Federation will have their first ever open dialogue on the future of international security in the Arctic this week, amid growing concerns about the consequences of climate change in the region.<br />


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