Oklahoma Sunset Oil Well

Benefits by the barrel

09 Apr 2011

Countries rich in oil have long been associated with the "resource-curse paradox" - a principle which states they will suffer, rather than benefit, in the long run. Not so, new research by a Cambridge Gates scholar suggests.

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Children Walking on Trail

Sibling rivalry and brotherly love

08 Apr 2011

Siblings, and even sibling rivalry, can have a positive effect on children’s early development and their ability to form social relationships later in life, according to a new study.

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Masai bush landscape

More than the stuff of legend

30 Mar 2011

Research into the epic chronicling the adventures of the legendary Swahili ruler, Fumo Liyongo, has revealed messages that reach far beyond myth-history.

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Ha-Joon Chang

23 things they don't tell you about capitalism

21 Mar 2011

Author of the recently published 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism, Dr Ha-Joon Chang studies how international markets succeed and fail, asking what steps might be taken to rebuild the world economy.

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El Eternauta, Argentina

New perspectives on Latin America

17 Mar 2011

At the Centre of Latin American Studies, interdisciplinary research is offering a new perspective on the creativity, challenges and lessons that can be learned from Latin America.

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From left: O. Okunoye, T. Awosanmi, K. Simala and E. El-Nour

Conversations across continents

17 Mar 2011

Each year, academic dialogue is enriched at the Centre of African Studies by the arrival of a group of African scholars who spend up to six months researching and working together.

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