Ivory tower

Exploding the ivory tower myth

17 May 2011

Academia makes a considerable and valued contribution to society that goes far beyond commercialisation of applied research, as Professor Alan Hughes, co-author of the first in-depth study of all UK university–business interactions, explains.

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Chemistry curbs spreading of carbon dioxide

06 May 2011

The presence of even a simple chemical reaction can delay or prevent the spreading of stored carbon dioxide in underground aquifers, new research from the University of Cambridge has revealed.

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A DC4 drops a bouncing bomb in the reconstructed Dambusters operation.

Bombs away: The Dambusters bounce back

30 Apr 2011

The daring Dambusters raid of World War II, in which RAF pilots famously used a bouncing bomb to breach two German dams, has been recreated by a Cambridge-led team to prove how the amazing feat was achieved.

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