Human placental villi showing signs of oxidative stress

Great expectations in pregnancy research

01 Feb 2008

Most pregnancies develop normally but when complications arise they can have devastating effects. Two recent initiatives in Cambridge hope to deliver a new understanding of events during this critical period of human life.

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Teaching excellence rewarded

20 Jun 2007

Eleven University of Cambridge lecturers have been recognised for their excellence in teaching, at an awards ceremony for the 2007 Pilkington Prizes on June 20th.

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13 Jun 2007

An academic seminar on the very latest research into our attitudes to food takes place in Cambridge next week.

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Functional MRI scan

Why are we so fat?

01 Apr 2007

For some people, the urge to eat is uncontrollable. Cambridge scientists have taken us a step closer to understanding the causes of obesity by studying a group of patients for whom overeating is an everyday event.

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