How to be a butler

01 Sep 2013

Butlers working for Cambridge Colleges play an important role in maintaining traditions and upholding standards. But what’s it like being a butler?  Richard Hein, butler at Peterhouse, will talk about his job as part of Open Cambridge (13-15 September).

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Hay Festival

Live performance

08 Jun 2012

Jennifer Wallace took part in the Cambridge series at this year's Hay Festival and spoke on a panel on whether tragedy is the perfect form for the modern world. She gives her impressions of the event and of the Festival itself.

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Shaping the Future

11 Feb 2011

A new lecture series which will give audiences the chance to question and hear from leading public figures about the economic crisis and the way the country is governed begins in Cambridge this week.

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Cambridge Ideas - Seven ages of the body

15 Nov 2010

Dr John Robb is an archaeologist and has been studying how people have understood the human body over the last 10,000 years.

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Crew announced for the 156th Boat Race

10 Mar 2010

The 2010 Xchanging Boat Race on Saturday 3 April - the 156th Race in the series between Cambridge and Oxford Universities - will see 14 of the 18 oarsmen making their first appearance in the Race.

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