A bird's eye view of the Kremlin, Moscow

A Russian Odyssey

05 Jun 2011

In 1998, Rachel Polonsky began a 10-year exploration of Russia which culminated in the publication of her book, "Molotov's Magic Lantern". She told the Hay Festival the extraordinary story behind her research.

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Pliegos sueltos Diego Corrientes (S743.1.c.8.2)

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08 Mar 2011

A new study of wrongdoing and its cultures in Spain from 1800 to 1936 will explore the fascination of popular versions of crime and other misdemeanours.

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Cambridge becomes a home for Ukrainian Studies

28 Sep 2010

A major gift from prominent Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash to the University of Cambridge has permanently endowed Western Europe's premier programme in the study of the culture and language of Ukraine.

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Rethinking eccentricity

01 May 2009

Miranda Gill traces shifting 19th-century perceptions of eccentricity, from its association with the intoxicating lure of modernity and fashion to the murky underworld of circus freaks and half-mad visionaries.

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Kiev, Ukraine

Ukrainian Studies launched in Cambridge

29 Mar 2009

A new initiative, the first of its kind in Europe, aims to deepen understanding of the language, literature and culture of Ukraine by advancing fresh and innovative approaches to research.

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