Twenty top tips for interpreting scientific claims

21 Nov 2013

Aiming to improve policy-makers’ understanding of the imperfect nature of science, academics from the Universities of Cambridge and Melbourne have created a list of concepts that they believe should be part of the education of civil servants, politicians, policy advisers and journalists

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Andy Leonard, Vice President BP Cambridge, with some of the first BP supported Cambridge-MIT exchange students at the launch of the extension of the programme to non-Engineers from Cambridge University.

Cambridge extends MIT exchange partnership

10 Oct 2012

An extension to the University of Cambridge’s exchange programme with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been announced, enabling more undergraduates to study at “both” Cambridges during their degree.

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Tourists hiding from the rain.

A brighter forecast for weather-beaten Britain?

22 Aug 2011

Ever headed out for the day expecting bright sunshine, only to end up getting soaked in a downpour instead? If you’re reading this in the UK, chances are you have – and now your help is needed in a new project which aims to sharpen up forecasting so that people’s plans are less frequently thwarted by the Great British Weather.

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