Dr Lucy Delap

Downton Abbey: a national love affair?

15 Sep 2011

As the much-lauded Downton Abbey returns to our screens this Sunday, social historian Dr Lucy Delap sets the gripping fictional drama of the English country house within the context of a much more gritty and complex reality of domestic service in the 20th century.

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Advertisement from Daily Mail Ideal Labour-Saving Home, 1920

Who mops the floor now? How domestic service shaped 20th-century Britain

28 Jul 2011

From the fictional Downton Abbey to the modest suburban semi, domestic service has had a prominent role in the story, whether real or imagined, of British society over the past 100 years. In Knowing Their Place: Domestic Service in Twentieth-Century Britain, Cambridge historian Dr Lucy Delap navigates the shifting drama played out in that most intimate and domestic workplace: the home.

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Johan Cruyff at the 1974 World Cup Final.

The beautiful, neglected game

26 May 2011

Millions of people will tune into the Champions’ League Final this weekend; billions watch the football World Cup. But despite its popularity, professional historians have tended to overlook the beautiful game. A Cambridge Public History Seminar sought to find out why.

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A portrait of Augusta of Saxony-Gotha from the time of her wedding in 1736

The Royal Wedding… of 1736

27 Apr 2011

For those at the heart of this week's Royal Wedding, the big day will be full of stress and worry. But that's nothing compared with the experiences of Augusta of Saxony-Gotha, daughter in law of George II. A book by a Cambridge historian draws on new sources to reveal what happened.

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From beyond the grave

01 May 2009

Tracing popular beliefs from medieval to early modern times is highlighting the durability of debates about the dead.

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