The "Embulance" hits the road in Iceland.

Living in the landscape

15 Jun 2011

Six months after she set forth on an epic tour of Iceland in a Land Rover ambulance on the trail of the country’s medieval sagas, Dr. Emily Lethbridge will be giving a free, public lecture in Cambridge this week to update her followers on the story of her project so far.

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History’s bitter pill

27 May 2010

The British Empire presided over innumerable atrocities and acts of appalling cruelty, but what use is acknowledging those injustices when they are so distant from our own time? Priyamvada Gopal’s research illustrates both the strength of our ties to the past and the implications they have for our present.

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statue of William Shakespeare at the centre of Leicester Square Gardens, London

Shakespeare's medieval world

01 May 2010

Medieval culture pervaded Shakespeare's life and work. Professor Helen Cooper examines its influence on the work of the world's greatest playwright.

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Defining words

01 Sep 2007

Two very different projects in the University have at their heart the ancient craft of lexicography: the art of compiling and editing dictionaries. But one project is reviving glossaries created over a thousand years ago and the other is creating a new lexicon of an ancient language.

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