Jane Clarke

From teacher to molecular biophysicist

01 Nov 2010

Professor Jane Clarke’s laboratory was one of the first in the world to combine atomic force microscopy with protein engineering to ‘visualise’ the mechanical unfolding of a single protein at the molecular level.

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A palladium catalyst in action

Synthesis made simpler

01 Nov 2010

Research is bringing closer the conversion of simple organic molecules into drugs, plastics or potential new fuels in a single step.

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Small chemical fragments

Small is beautiful in drug discovery

01 May 2010

Cambridge scientists are employing fragment-based drug discovery approaches - a technique that involves "growing" potent drugs from tiny chemical fragments - to tackle tuberculosis and cancer.

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Centre for the Physics of Medicine

Physics of Medicine

01 Dec 2008

The Grand Opening of the Centre for the Physics of Medicine marks a major development in bringing together researchers working at the interface of physical sciences, life sciences and clinical sciences.

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DNA sculpture at Centre for Life

Superfast genomes move a step closer to reality

20 Nov 2008

The first Asian and African human genomes have been deciphered using a technique originally invented by Professors Shankar Balasubramanian and David Klenerman at the University of Cambridge's Department of Chemistry and developed by the spin-out Solexa.

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