Phone for a doctor

28 Oct 2015

Worried you might be at risk from diabetes? Check your phone: it might help stop 
you getting the disease. And if you already have diabetes? Your phone might even help you monitor your condition at home.

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Human genome includes 'foreign' genes not from our ancestors

12 Mar 2015

Many animals, including humans, acquired essential ‘foreign’ genes from microorganisms co-habiting their environment in ancient times, according to research published in the open access journal Genome Biology. The study challenges the conventional view that animal evolution relies solely on genes passed down through ancestral lines and suggests that, at least in some lineages, the process is still ongoing.

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The super-resolution revolution

27 Feb 2015

Cambridge scientists are part of a resolution revolution. Building powerful instruments that shatter the physical limits of optical microscopy, they are beginning to watch molecular processes as they happen, and in three dimensions.

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BBSRC awards Cambridge £15 million to support next generation of scientists

03 Oct 2014

The University of Cambridge is to receive £15 million over five years from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) to support the training and development of 150 PhD students. Students will be trained in world-class bioscience that will help boost the economy and build on UK strengths in areas such as agriculture, food, industrial biotechnology, bioenergy and health.

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Diabetes 1/4

Nanotechnology takes on diabetes

30 May 2014

A sensor which can be used to screen for diabetes in resource-poor settings has been developed by researchers and tested in diabetic patients, and will soon be field tested in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Pocket diagnosis

19 Mar 2014

A new app which turns any smartphone into a portable medical diagnostic device could help in the fight against diseases including HIV, tuberculosis and malaria in the developing world.

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