Original card with the lock of hair, written by A C Haddon after returning from Western Australia.

Aboriginal Australians were first explorers

22 Sep 2011

An old lock of hair has enabled researchers to sequence the genome of an Aboriginal Australian, and show that modern Aboriginal Australians are direct descendants of the first people to arrive there.

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Chars dwellers building plinths as part of the cash-for-work scheme

Out of poverty

01 Nov 2010

Cambridge researchers are contributing to projects in Bangladesh that aim to lift 1 million people out of poverty by 2015.

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Smell the love

03 Aug 2010

Mandrills can use body odour to identify potential mates, researchers have found, in a study which lends new support to the theory that humans also have the ability to "sniff out" suitable partners.

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White-headed Capuchin

Monkey business

01 Jun 2007

Ground-breaking discoveries by two Cambridge researchers have placed monkey behaviour closer to humans than had previously been thought. Dr Antonio Moura and Paco Bertolani, both in the Department of Biological Anthropology, have uncovered previously unseen behaviour that could have implications for understanding human evolution.

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