Map of the migration of modern man out of Africa.  Triangles represent Aurignacian (considered the first modern humans) split-base points.

Strength in numbers

28 Jul 2011

Volume of modern humans infiltrating Europe cited as critical factor in the demise of the Neanderthals.

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Fragments of figurines found on Keros

Island of broken figurines

10 Jun 2011

Why were Bronze Age figurines smashed, transported and buried in shallow pits on the Aegean island of Keros? New research sheds light on a 4,500-year-old mystery.

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Cambridge Ideas - Seven ages of the body

15 Nov 2010

Dr John Robb is an archaeologist and has been studying how people have understood the human body over the last 10,000 years.

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Map of test pits from the Willingham dig

Willingham Dig unveils village history

13 Oct 2009

Archaeological finds from thousands of years ago have been uncovered in a Cambridge village in an event which was part of the celebrations of the University's 800th Anniversary.

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Body Map

What do we think we are?

20 Mar 2009

Would you like to hear sounds from deep within the body, consider the similarities between a funeral sculpture and the structure of DNA, or explore the classical idea of beauty?

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A campaign of silent resistance

01 Feb 2008

A fascinating study of wartime artefacts is uncovering a story of symbolic resistance and creative necessity in the Channel Islands 60 years ago.

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Dr Carenza Lewis

Dr Carenza Lewis

01 Sep 2007

A passion for communicating the thrill of the dig and for uncovering evidence of lives long gone is what inspires archaeologist Dr Carenza Lewis. Her latest endeavour is to raise educational aspirations among schoolchildren through involvement in excavation - a venture that is unearthing new information on rural medieval settlements.

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