The mind politic of Europe

20 Feb 2004

Europe’s unity throughout history has been a unity of ideas and the arts. But the marginalisation of intellectuals and artists in the creation of the European states has stirred up controversy, including a petition by 20,000 intellectuals in France accusing the centre-right government of "waging war on intelligence" and instituting "a new state anti-intellectualism". This shift in power will be the subject of the final seminar in the ‘Future of Europe’ series, taking place at the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Law.

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Europe as a World Power

05 Feb 2004

The escalating complexity and danger of the international situation and Europe’s role in it will be the subject of the fifth seminar in the ‘Future of Europe’ series, taking place at the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Law until 25 February 2004.

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Venice in peril?

11 Sep 2003

A gondola will appear on the River Cam this Sunday to mark the start of a major international meeting which will examine the environmental dangers facing Venice.

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25 years of IVF

28 Jul 2003

Louise Brown, a 25 year old postal worker from Bristol was in Cambridge on Saturday (25 July) to celebrate her birthday, sharing it with over 1,000 other guests.

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New Year Honours

03 Jan 2003

Several members of the University were recognised in the New Year Honours list for 2002.

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New wing for Archives Centre

30 Oct 2002

Yesterday (Wednesday 30 October 2002) former Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher opened the new wing of the Churchill Archives Centre at Churchill College, Cambridge.

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Japan in Cambridge

03 Dec 2001

East meets West at Cambridge today (Monday 3 December, 2001), when scientists and musicians swap ideas and musical traditions.

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Building Brand awareness

14 Nov 2001

This month staff and students are involved in the revival of an opera which was almost lost after being suppressed by the Third Reich in the 1930s.

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Scientific Pioneer Rewarded

17 Sep 2001

Robert Edwards, CBE, FRS, MA, Emeritus Professor of Human Reproduction at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Churchill College has been awarded one of America's most distinguished honours for his outstanding contributions to basic and clinical medical research.

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